Stories from Spring Break in Paris

Hey there!

I know this is late and March was a while ago but I thought I’d share some photos from my recent trip to Paris for Spring Break. I met my best friend Gillian who was studying in Rennes (she actually gets back to the states tomorrow from her semester abroad!) and we spent a lovely week in Paris connecting with old and new friends, climbing up rooftops and going into the catacombs. It seems like every time I go back to that city now it’s better than the last time. And the last time had been pretty awesome. But what made this time most special was being able to share such a great city that is so close to my heart with one of my best friends, AND I can successfully say I converted her into a Paris nut just like myself!!!

I had left Vermont on a Wednesday because my flight from Boston to Paris was on the Thursday night, so I was going to take a bus to Boston the day before except hello blizzard! My bus was cancelled as were all the others that day and Thursday, and I almost panicked. It started to snow hard and showed no signs of stopping. My parents bravely agreed to both drive up to Vermont, going 20 mph all the way up as cars around them erratically skidded around on the fresh, unplowed snowy highway until I was rescued. We spent the night in a hotel and once it stopped snowing, made it back to Boston the next day in time for my flight.

That first day in Paris I walked around with Gillian for a bit, showing her the main points of reference around the Belleville/Canal area where we were crashing at my friends’ apartment, then that night we were invited to my friend Alban‘s university gala. It took place at the Paris aquarium of the Trocadéro!

The next day we walked around some more around Montmartre and that night went into the catacombs with my bud Randy.

Sunday we hung out with my friend Aidan who is French but had been living in Montréal when I met him. He had just moved back to Paris to study. That night I connected with another friend who took us up to a rooftop by the Pont Neuf. We returned later in the week with Alban and Aidan, along with an Italian YouTuber Aidan knows named Andrea who has the channel The Pillow, where he interviews various people on themes revolving around Italy. Gillian and I made it into his video about if we would marry an Italian (click the link and see us starting at 0:41). We said yes of course!


Gillian went back to Rennes during the week and I went down to Vichy to visit my grandparents, then to Nevers, a small historic town on the same rail line back to Paris from Vichy where my cousin Annabelle lives. Every time I would go to Vichy I’d always skip Nevers, and I’m so glad I didn’t this time because I had really been missing out! I don’t have pictures but I spent one night there and was still able to see most of the sights like the Palais Ducal and the old medieval streets and ramparts.

Gillian loved Paris so much the first weekend that she decided to take the bus back the second weekend. I was going back to Boston on the Sunday, so we got to hang out some more with Aidan and Alban, as well as my friends Rosie and Thomas.

The Thursday before Gillian arrived, I was having dinner with Aidan when this young blogger Jen whom I had been following/talking to on Instagram (literally how I meet all my cool friends) reached out and said she was getting a drink later at a speakeasy bar “Moonshiner” with some friends and invited us to come meet her. We were delighted and Aidan actually was already familiar with her YouTube channel where she talks about moving to and studying in Paris. Upon entering the bar and meeting her (also she’s actually the sweetest person on the planet), we got to meet a bunch of really cool people like Thalía, Freddie, Nicole and Fernando who were all visiting Paris from around the world and who had also all met through social media. It was incredible to be able to meet these initial strangers but immediately find that we already had something in common; an unconditional love for Paris. 


Then, out of nowhere, Damon from my favorite blog and youTube channel Shut Up and Go, comes in and sits with us. He knows Jen, and I had previously met him at a meetup in Paris during my gap year, and he actually recognized me too! Aidan and I were freaking out as we left to get drinks at the bar, he turned to look at me joyfully and just gasped “what is this night?!” Funny how a common love for Paris, a passion for travel, and connecting on social media can produce such a vibrant group of people. Sometimes the world doesn’t seem so big…

When Gillian came we went back into the catacombs of course. She got to meet Jen as well because on our last night we went out to dinner with Thomas, Alban and Aidan, and then she and Aidan met up with Jen to go out. I unfortunately had been feeling sickly for a while, my voice already fried so I stayed behind, but as I dreaded going back to the states and back to school, at least I was happy that I had met so many incredible people and made such wonderful memories in my favorite place ❤


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