Washington D.C./Birthday thoughts

Just after Christmas my mother and I took a girls trip to D.C., the capital city of the United States. We booked the tickets Dec 24 and left two days later. We had been planning some kind of short trip originally as a family, with our sight set on some charming historic southern city like Charleston or Savannah, but due to some unexpected complications my father and brother weren’t motivated to go anywhere, but my mom and I still decided to shut up and go.

Here’s a few cliché snapshots from the City of Magnificent Intentions.


Happy New Year!

Before I go, here are my future travel plans for 2018 (hopefully) and some rambling thoughts I’ve been having lately.

This holiday season was a bit melancholy for me. I went through some heartbreak, but I also made sure to enjoy the little time I had with this special person despite the hurt he had unwillingly done to me. What I took away from this was that even when something happens which makes you question your feelings for someone, all the good memories don’t go away. People are multi-faceted, they are not all good or all bad. I believe this person is human and humans make mistakes. I believe in second chances and in forgiveness. So I decided to make the most out of the situation and now I am learning to cope with my feelings. I think it’s going well, even if sometimes I take long trips down the emotional roller-coaster.

This month, upon returning to college after the holidays, I turned 21.


It still doesn’t feel quite real, I went to Trader Joe’s and bought some alcohol and snacks today and it felt so normal.

Anyway, as for travel; this summer I would love to visit my friend Josh that I met in Barcelona two years ago who lives in Los Angeles, CA. I’ve never been, honestly not much has drawn me to that city but since he’s there and he wants to take me out partying as he’s been waiting for me to turn 21, I’m down.

Otherwise I’ll be back in Paris in less than two months for Spring Break. I’m excited because I’ll be spending the first part with my best friend Gillian, with whom I went to England this summer, as she’s studying in Rennes. We will meet up in Paris, spend the week-end together, then go back to Rennes for a bit. I need to find a way to squeeze in seeing my grandparents in Vichy for an overnight during the week, but then I’ll go back to Paris by the end of the week, before going back to Burlington on Sunday.

And I want to take more film photos.

Interestingly I am also a little nervous to go back because said person from the above heartbreak is back in Paris and has expressed interest in seeing me when I visit. It’s too early to tell yet if I want to, or even if it’s a good idea to see him. But I’m not thinking about it too much.

I made it so that I couldn’t see when he sends me messages to my phone anyway.

Already this semester I’ve started new and exciting classes, hung out with my wonderful friends I could have only dreamed of having when I was in high school. I spent an amazing birthday with many of them coming out with me even though it was a Wednesday. I cannot be more thankful for them.

For now I am enjoying life even more than before, as I have decided not to wait on other people in hopes of getting what I want. I go for what I want myself, and I am flexible with the rest. I am trying not to take things too seriously, especially myself.

Here’s to another year filled with new people, new places and new experiences.

Thanks for reading ❤

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