Hello hello!

This past year went by so quickly, I can’t believe I’m already done with my freshman year of college. I met so many amazing, strong, inspiring women and other incredibly sweet people I’m very proud to call my friends. I took a little trip to Montreal with some friends at the end of the year which reminded me of why I love traveling so much; spending time with those I love and exploring new places.

Coming home to live under my parents’ roof after a year of working hard and studying, doing everything on my own once again, it feels very strange. I’m working full time at a nearby university helping out with research and I’m sitting at a desk 35 hours a week. When I go home I eat, watch some tv, and hang out with the two foster kittens we are hosting at the moment. The days pass, they turn into weeks, I lose track of time so easily.

The only motivation I have is travel. Good thing my hard work will pay off very soon!

I’ll be in Bristol, UK for a week in June with one of my best friends who lived in my suite this year, and I might spend the night in London with some long time family-friends on the way home before my flight the next day.

Then it’s back to work.

In July one of my awesome friends from Paris is coming to Boston to visit before he has to go to Baltimore for an internship, and I cannot wait to show him around.

Finally, I’ll be in the office for a bit before spending the month of August in Paris.

Now, I have a few thoughts I felt like sharing. On June 3rd it will have been officially one year since coming back to the states from my gap year. A year ago today I was freaking out about my last few days left in Paris. Now that I know I’m going back, I feel ecstatic. I’m honestly so happy to find my friends again, many of whom are messaging me more and more about what they want to show me when I’m there, people I need to meet, one friend wants to throw me a party underground and everything, my other European friends I met in Barcelona are begging me to visit them in their respective countries…

But part of me is nervous. Nervous things won’t be the same. Nervous my time there won’t be as memorable as that first glorious year. I realize that the sense of discovery and being lost I felt initially last year will be gone, now that I know the city like the back of my hand. But I think it’s okay. Paris still holds many undiscovered secrets for me to uncover. I have more memories to make with those who care about me and want me to come back. It’s when I think of those people that I remember how incredible the world is, and how many amazing people are out there waiting for me to see them again or meet them for the first time. I get a warm feeling inside just thinking of the life ahead of me. The people I’m going to love and the few I’m undoubtedly going to lose, and yet life will keep going.


In the end we are all just wanderers, really.

Hope you all  have a great summer wherever you are! Tell me your plans, I’m curious!


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