Hello! Bonjour!

I’m not sure how well this will work, but I’m going to try and introduce myself.

Moi c’est Camille. I speak English, French, and Spanish. I can understand Portuguese and Italian too, sometimes.


I took a gap year before college and it was the best decision of my life. After all the planning and occasional doubting I finally achieved my dream of living and working by myself in Paris, France for 7 months, then spending 3 months with EF in Barcelona.

And I can tell you, best year of my life so far.

Growing up I was lucky to travel every year to France to see my family and also learn about my mother’s culture. Traveling became part of my education; discovering parts of the world, discovering other people’s lives and realizing how different yet alike humans can be in relation to each other. I learned to embrace differences but also to embrace life.

Traveling alone made me think a lot about myself. I gained perspective, a LOT of self-confidence, optimism, problem-solving and other various skills. I look at the world in a new way now, I see possibility and opportunity for adventure.


Cheesy I know, but true.

I meant to start a blog while I was abroad last year but I never ended up starting it. I decided it would be best to do it now instead of never. I’m in college now in the USA so my time may be limited to write, but I’ll try my best.

My first posts will probably be about Paris and Barcelona, because I love sharing my tips for the two cities that I now know like the back of my hand, but I’ll also share how I went about planning a gap year and all that messy stuff in case you too want to change your life for the better and not rush into college like everyone else. Yes, it’s very possible!

I will try to keep it real though. No sugar-coating. The world is a complicated place, but that doesn’t mean it’s all bad. Most of it is awesome.

Not sure how to end this, so I’ll just wish you well on whatever adventure you’re planning, or already on.

Bon Voyage (et oui je parle français! j’écrirai des fois si ça vous intéresse)!


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